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Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades in Calgary and Southern Alberta: Increased Safety, Reliability, and Efficient Power Solutions

Bring Your Home’s Electrical Panel into the 21st Century with Expert Panel Upgrades by Zeus Electrical Services

As a leading provider of electrical services in Calgary, Airdrie, and Southern Alberta, we specialize in tailoring electrical panel solutions to our customers’ needs. This includes inspecting and modernizing existing panel boards to provide affordable panel upgrade solutions. Our friendly electricians are dedicated to offering complimentary in-home consultations to determine the best electrical solution for your home’s current or future needs. When panel board modernization isn’t feasible, we offer solutions like upgrading from a 60 amp breaker box to a modern 100 amp or 200 amp electrical panel. These panels offer a versatile range of 20 to 64 circuit options, catering to any household’s energy demands.

Recognize the Signs

When to Consider an Electrical Panel Inspection and Upgrade

As a trusted, locally-owned and operated electrical service provider in Calgary, we frequently hear terms from homeowners such as “fuse box,” “breaker box,” or “power box.” These all describe the critical electrical panel safeguarding your home. Be aware of these crucial signs that indicate your electrical panel needs repair or an upgrade.

Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation for your panel upgrade if you notice any of these critical warning signs.


Inconsistent Lighting

Lights in your home are of inconsistent brightness, or they flicker or dim.


Non-Responsive Circuit Breakers or Fuses

Known overloaded circuit breakers that fail to trip pose an invisible yet high-risk situation. This issue can leave your home’s wiring vulnerable to burning up within the walls, presenting a serious safety hazard.


Outdated Panel Boards

Panel boards older than 25 years may be ineligible for repair, having become obsolete or subject to past recalls.


Aluminum Wiring Concerns

Homes with unmodified aluminum wiring should have their panels checked and corrected to comply with insurance company policies.


Frequent Circuit Breaker or Fuse Issues

Your home’s main service breaker, circuit breakers, or fuses are constantly tripping, indicating overloaded or faulty panel components.


Signs of Danger

Unusual noises or smells from the electrical panel, signaling immediate danger.


Insufficient Capacity and Amperage

Homes with outdated 60 amp panel boards may not meet modern energy demands or insurance standards.

What We Look for During Your Electrical Panel Consultation

During an electrical panel consultation or inspection, we start with issues identified by homeowners and focus on addressing immediate concerns for long-term safety and efficiency. We meticulously examine:

Corrosion and Oxidization: Checking for signs of corrosion and oxidization on the panel’s bus bars, service connections, and circuit breakers.

Double Tapping or Electrical Splices: Identifying issues that cause loose connections and overheating, often found in panels running above capacity.

Proper Wire and Circuit Breaker Sizing: Ensuring wiring is protected by correctly sized circuit breakers.

Signs of Overheating: Checking for melted plastic or discolouration within the panel.

Tightness of Connections: Ensuring all connections are tight to prevent heat and arcing.

Age and Type of Circuit Breakers: Considering the replacement of outdated fuses and circuit breakers.

Current Needs and Future Expansion: Evaluating if your current electrical panel meets both present and future demands.

GFCI and AFCI Protection: Verifying the operation of existing protections and providing options for further safeguarding.

Canadian Electrical Code Compliance: Ensuring compliance with current standards.

Why Upgrade Your Current Electrical Panel?

  • Safety First: Regular maintenance prevents electrical fires and is often overlooked after initial installation. Older panels combined with practices such as double tapping or circuit overloading can increase the risk of failure or fire, signalling it may be time for replacement.
  • Increased Capacity: Increasing your panels capacity and ampacity can afford you the luxury of accommodating new loads such as EV chargers, hot tubs and saunas.
  • Future Proofing: If you’re planning future renovations, such as adding a rental suite, building a laneway home, or finishing your basement, an upgraded 200 amp electrical panel offers immense flexibility. It ensures sufficient circuit breaker slots for any large electrical loads you may add in the future.
  • Energy Efficiency and Code Compliance: Modern electrical panels are not only more energy efficient but also ensure your home is aligned with current electrical codes.
  • Insurance and Home Resale Benefits: Panel upgrades can lower insurance rates and increase resale value.

Thinking about upgrading your home’s electrical panel? Contact us for a consultation.

How We

Complete Your Electrical Panel Upgrade


Initial Consultation and Assessment

We start with a thorough assessment of your current electrical systems.


Detailed Proposal

Providing a transparent and detailed quote based on our consultation.



Handling all necessary paperwork and coordination with local utilities.


Safe and Efficient Installation

Carrying out the installation with minimal disruption.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Conducting tests to verify power restoration and correct labeling.


Clean up and Customer Approval

Leaving your property tidy and ensuring you understand the new system.


Follow-Up and Support

Available for any follow-up questions, additional services, or support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost in Calgary?
The cost varies depending on a customer’s specific needs, with a typical 100 amp upgrade starting at around $3,000.
How Long Does the Installation Take?
Most upgrades are completed within a day, granted no underground work is required.
Choosing the Right Contractor

Verify the electrical contractor’s master electrician status for safety and insurance compliance. Zeus Electrical Services is fully insured and led by Nathan McConnell, a Master Electrician (License #13105).

Safety Codes Council of Alberta: Visit Here

Our panels come with manufacturer warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years. Additionally, we offer a 2-year service warranty with options for extended coverage. Product selection and the applicable warranty are confirmed with the customer during the consultation.
What Payment Options are Available?
We offer a wide range of payment methods to accommodate our customers’ preferences. Flexible financing is available through FinanceIt, a Toronto-based renovation financing company. Additionally, we accept payments through Stripe for credit card transactions, as well as cash, cheque, and e-transfer.

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