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Illuminate Your Space with LED Lighting Solutions in Calgary

Transform Your Home with 4” and 6” LED Pot Lights

Brighten up your home with our extensive selection of 4” and 6” LED pot lights. Our entry-level package for 4” LED potlights, inclusive of installation, is affordably priced at only $149.99 per light. Catering to a variety of preferences, we offer a range of options with 3 to 5 selectable color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool white. Some models even feature adjustable lumen options for tailored brightness. Plus, all our fixtures are dimmable, offering you immense flexibility to set the perfect mood for any task or occasion.

Incorporate these pot lights to benefit from their remarkable 50,000-hour life expectancy, and revel in the noticeable reduction in energy costs as detailed in our comprehensive savings table. Experience the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and savings with our LED pot light installations, tailored for both residential and most commercial spaces.

Replacement Scenario Annual Savings Total Savings at End of 5-Year Warranty Total Savings at End of Life Expectancy (50% Operational after 50,000 Hours)
4" Potlight Replacement
60W replaced with 10W LED $12.58 $62.91 $143.63
60W replaced with 12W LED $12.08 $60.39 $137.88
60W replaced with 14W LED $11.58 $57.88 $132.14
6" Recessed Potlight Replacement
75W replaced with 10W LED $16.36 $81.78 $186.71
75W replaced with 14W LED $15.35 $76.75 $175.22
75W replaced with 16W LED $14.85 $74.23 $169.48
2-Bulb Ceiling Fixture Replacement
2 x 60W replaced with 10W LED fixture $27.68 $138.40 $316.00
2 x 60W replaced with 16W LED fixture $26.17 $130.85 $298.74
2 x 60W replaced with 22W LED fixture $24.66 $123.30 $281.51
2 x 60W replaced with 25W LED fixture $23.90 $119.52 $272.89
3-Bulb Ceiling Fixture Replacement
3 x 60W replaced with 10W LED fixture $42.78 $213.89 $488.33
3 x 60W replaced with 16W LED fixture $41.27 $206.34 $471.09
3 x 60W replaced with 22W LED fixture $39.76 $198.79 $453.85
3 x 60W replaced with 25W LED fixture $39.00 $195.01 $445.24

Secure Your Perimeter with Security and Yard Lighting

Home security is increasingly becoming a necessity due to concerns like porch piracy, vehicle theft, and home burglary. To address this, we at Zeus Electrical Services offer efficient and effective security and yard lighting solutions. Whether it’s lighting for areas with round-the-clock activity or illuminating a rink for the next hockey superstar, our lighting solutions ensure your property remains well-lit and secure. Keep your home or business bright and safe with customer focused lighting options from Zeus Electrical Services.

Maximize Efficiency with Commercial LED Conversions

Lower your monthly utility expenses with our expert commercial LED conversions. Perfect for both retail, office spaces and warehouses, our installation services not only revitalize your area but also substantially cut down on your electricity costs. These energy-efficient, eco-friendly lights offer a practical, cost-saving alternative. Transition from outdated, toxic fluorescent tubes and ballasts—expensive to dispose of and maintain—to cleaner, modern lighting solutions. For instance, a single 4-foot, 2-lamp T8 fluorescent fixture can cost about $64.42 annually to operate in Calgary. Retrofitting your premises with LED equivalents can notably lower your electric bill, an advantage that’s especially significant in large office or warehouse spaces with numerous fluorescent fixtures used for long hours daily. Maintaining a large array of fluorescent lights can be an economical disadvantage over time. At Zeus Electrical Services, we excel in upgrading businesses to efficient LED lighting. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current lighting setup and suggest a custom LED replacement strategy. This not only results in immediate savings but also enables us to provide you with a precise annual energy savings forecast with your new LED fixtures, ultimately boosting your business’s bottom line.

Accentuate the Details in Your Home with Undercabinet and Kick Lighting

Undercabinet and kick lighting serve as more than just a decorative luxury; they add that extra flair you’ve been seeking in your home. Ideal for various spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and stairways, these lighting solutions offer a blend of style and functionality. Incorporating LED strip lighting with a motion sensor can gently ease you into the day, avoiding the harshness of bright lights first thing in the morning. In the kitchen, they’re not only stylish but also practical, providing vibrant illumination for meal preparation. Once you experience their impact on daily life, you won’t want to go back. With prices starting at around $500, our expert team is ready to consult with you and bring vibrancy to your home’s most frequented areas. Contact Zeus Electrical Services to add a touch of elegance and convenience to your home with our custom undercabinet and kick lighting solutions.

Ensure Safety with Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency safety in commercial spaces is paramount, and at Zeus Electrical Services, we understand the critical importance of a reliable and properly maintained emergency and exit lighting system. Specializing in this area, we offer advanced solutions to ensure the security and safety of your building’s occupants. Our expertise includes the installation of high-quality LED fixtures and prominently displayed exit signs, both vital for a safe and control exit during emergencies. Our commitment is to provide not just lighting, but peace of mind, knowing your space is equipped to handle urgent situations with critical efficiency. We are proud to partner with Mircom, known for their quality and affordability, to equip your premises with the latest in emergency lighting technology. Whether your building requires new installations, upgrades, or maintenance of existing emergency and exit lighting systems, our expert team is ready to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Experience the Environmental and Energy Saving Benefits of LED

Switching to LED lighting offers immediate financial and environmental benefits. Known for their long lifespan, LEDs can last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, leading to reduced maintenance and, in some cases, lower disposal costs. Additionally, the switch to LED can yield noticeable savings on energy bills, as they consume up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting options. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are free from harmful elements like mercury, making them a safer, more environmentally friendly choice. Their low energy consumption also pairs well with renewable energy sources, boosting their sustainability. With a range of LED options available, such as recessed pot lights, strip lighting, and panels, upgrading your home or business to LED is a straightforward decision that brings financial and environmental rewards.

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At Zeus Electrical Services, we distinguish ourselves as a top provider of LED lighting solutions in Calgary and southern Alberta. Our experienced team excels in a range of projects, from residential recessed LED potlights to comprehensive commercial lighting upgrades. More than just an electrical company, we specialize in LED lighting, offering custom, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Our diverse services cater to all your lighting needs. We handle residential system upgrades, commercial LED fixture installations, outdoor yard or security lighting, and aesthetically pleasing LED accent lighting. Every solution we provide is customized to your unique requirements.

Choosing Zeus Electrical Services means opting for unparalleled expertise and a commitment to quality and efficiency. Contact us for your LED lighting installation needs and let us elevate your space with some of the industry’s finest LED lighting.

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